Nike’s live-design experience for customized shoes in 90 minutes


You pay for brand Nike’s pair of shoes which often is designed for the need of a particular sport or comfort of an iconic sportsperson. With latest technology in place, a Nike customer may walk out of “Nike By You Studio” unit with a customized shoe in 90 minutes.

The sports apparel and footwear brand this month has opened its first Nike Makers’ Experience at Nike By You Studio at 45 Grand in New York. Nike’s Advanced Innovation team merges digital design with traditional footwear making to bring elements of this process to the consumer.

Nike, for decades, has worked directly with athletes to create highly personalized products. This relationship delineates a harmonization of form, function and emotion, which put together defines Nike shoes and apparel.

The brand through its Nike By You Studio is trying to bring the experience that begins with a series of graphic options, generated from either Nike heritage or on-the-spot phrases, which can then be customized into patterns through shifts to size and color.

“The intention of the project is to bring to life the collaborative design experience that we offer (to) our athletes,” says Mark Smith, VP of Innovation Special Projects. “They love products that tell their story, so we wanted to combine that idea with a new process of live design and manufacturing that allows our guests to come into the space, work collaboratively with us and leave with a special product in less time than ever before.”

What are made are one-of-a-kind versions of the Nike Presto X, a silhouette specially created by the Nike Advanced Innovation for the Nike Makers’ Experience. There are two versions of the shoe, a traditional Presto and a slip-on. Both are equally suited to the process of customization via dynamic object tracking and projection systems that instantly bring designs to life.

“The Nike Makers’ Experience is a fast, fun, interactive, one-of-a-kind design experience. It takes most people longer to come up with their idea than it does for us to make it,” adds Smith. “In our minds, this is tomorrow, today.”

The invite-only experience will initially be limited to Nike friends and family and select Nike+ members.