Nike’s sneakers for para-athletes introduced in India

American footwear and sports brand is introducing in Indian market its special sneakers to meet the needs of para-athletes. Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease sneakers are made exclusively for people with disabilities suit their needs and requirements.

Indian para-athletes are reportedly upbeat about Nike’s efforts to promote inclusion of new sneakers in the Indian market.

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Nike has reportedly created a first of its kind new sneakers for people with disabilities.

The new Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease shoes easily peels open design makes it easy for the users to wear and take it off as well, states a report by

There is an interesting story related to the origin of the Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease sneakers, which were created on the special recommendations of Nike CEO Mark Parker to cater to the needs of an employee, who had suffered a stroke.

Nike’s employee Jeff Johnson could not move the right half of his body and his movements were also affected following the stroke. He was unable to wear his favourite sneakers. When  Parker learnt about this, he asked his team to create these special sneakers. Soon enough, Nike spotted 16 year old Matthew Walzer with Cerebral palsy who had similar difficulties in wearing shoes. The international brand gifted Walzer a new pair if their ‘Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease’.

Sajesh Krishnan, a blade-runner who plays football and runs marathons, says that Nike’s initiative deserves a thumbs up.

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“I have been looking out for something like this since the past many years. This is not the first time that Nike is introducing something exclusive for the disabled community. They have already introduced shoes. But it is great that such brands are coming forward with products for people with disabilities. Recently, a lady had come up to me and asked if I know any brands that sell customised shoes for her son who has a disability. There are many people who would appreciate such sneakers,” says Krishnan.

“Most of the times, we end up compromising and buying something available in the market because there are no customised shoes available. So a brand like Nike doing such an initiative is definitely great. It is going to be comfortable as well”, says Sakshi Chauhan, a para basketball player.

Nike has assured that they are also looking into other ways to customise their sneakers according to requirements of their customers with disabilities.

Brands like Nike might not make huge profits by creating such exclusive sneakers for people from the disabled community. But this is indeed a great way of making people feel important. Hopefully, more international brands will follow Nike’s footsteps to create exclusive products for people with disabilities.

Wrestling fans can catch all the action LIVE from UWW World Championship 2019 on