No IPL this year; announcement soon: Source

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India and the Indian Premier League stakeholders have accepted the fact that there will be no IPL this year. The authorities are just looking for the “right time” to make the announcement, which will coincide with the Indian Government’s next step on the fight against the COVID-19 spread in the country.

A senior franchisee source has confirmed to that an announcement is on the cards any time soon. It’s just that the board is looking for the “right moment”.

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Except for an opportunity loss, there will not be any consequential commercial disputes or obligations in this extreme scenario of no league.

“This is a force majeure scenario. All commercial contracts are protected by a clause to deal with such unforeseen circumstances. The board and other stake holders have been assessing and discussing the scenario unofficially even if there is no formal meeting or call. All are convinced and on the same page to have no league this year,” said a senior franchisee executive.

“The situation in the past few days has deteriorated rapidly. We pray this all stops right here. Hopefully in a week’s time we are able to break this chain and wishfully expecting there are no fresh cases say from the second week of April. Realistically, the State will still not be in a position to fully lift the lockdown for the next couple of weeks. We hope for best case scenario where life starts getting back on track by the end of April. Do you think sports will be anywhere on the priority list at that point.

“We (the franchisees) and everyone else, including players are prepared for the no-IPL scenario this year. It’s just that the BCCI will look for an opportune moment, rather than abruptly releasing a statement. You announce it today or after week or a month that does make any difference,” he added.

“Honestly speaking I am in a position to confirm that IPL this year is not happening. But, I am not in a position to announce this. That will have to come from the right office at a right time,” said the official on condition of anonymity. “Franchisees and stakeholders have been apprised of the plans. They will be conveyed formally before the decision is made public.”

Besides the nationwide lockdown, the BCCI has also taken into consideration that global restrictions in wake of the rising COVID-19 pandemic spread to arrive at the conclusion that IPL this year will not be possible.

BCCI has also resigned to the fate that IPL this year now also not possible logistically even if the games were to be conducted with gates shut.

IPL this year was scheduled to be played from March 29 to May 24.

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