No Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar; he is world’s richest footballer

Faiq Bolkiah - World's Richest Footballer - InsideSport

Who is the richest football player in the world?

World’s highest paid athlete on the Forbes’ Top 100 list for 2017 – Christiano Ronaldo!

Paris St Germain’s $263 million signing Neymar. Or, is it the Argentina and Real Madrid striker Lionel Messi.

The answer has a big twist. The football stars to make headlines on business pages are way behind a 19-year-old Leicester City reserve. The name Faiq Bolkiah is hardly heard in football circles. But, his riches are worth becoming a talking point.

Yes. Faiq ibni Prince Jefri Bolkiah is the complete name of Brunei’s international midfielder. The teenager is yet to make his full debut in the English professional football. But he is already a billionaire.

For, he is a scion of the $15 billion empire of the Sultan of Brunei. The boy loves to play with his pet – a tiger cub. Yet to play a game as a professional in England, Bolkiah has netted one goal for his nine appearances in the Brunei national colours. He has been a mainstay in the national team and captained the side in the recent 2017 Aceh World Solidarity Tsunami Cup.

Bolkiah is sacrificing the luxury of his Royalty to pursue his love for the game. Despite being born in Los Angeles, United States, Bolkiah opted to play for Brunei even though he had an opportunity to represent the USA.