Noble Esports ends Valorant roster, sets up PUBG Mobile & LOL Wild Rift boot camp in Mumbai

Noble Esports ends Valorant roster, sets up PUBG Mobile & LOL Wild Rift boot camp in Mumbai

Noble esports boot camp is ready for teams to shift and start their practice for LOL Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile India. The organization announced that they will be housing 2 teams there and the players will move in in the next week or 2, the boot camp which is located in Mumbai is whats required for these pro-athletes to take their game to the next level.

WildRift and PUBG Mobile over Valorant?

The organization recently parted with their Valorant roster stating that it was a mutual decision, by the players and the organization. The Valorant roster had been announced in September 10 this year were promised a boot camp, the team was performing really well considering 2 of their players were facing latency issues, who are not from India- Shakir ‘hikkA’ Razak (Sri Lanka) and Sami ‘SSSami’ Ar Rahman (Bangladesh).

In an Instagram live with Jeremy “Lambzy” Mclamb the co-founder and CEO of Noble, Psy, and Hikka were seen on the stream saying that once they get their bootcamp they will be able to give velocity gaming a proper challenge. Even in their streams For weeks, psy, hikkA and other players of the team had clarified to the fans that “The Noble Esports bootcamp is almost ready” and that they’re about to move in, but they haven’t yet.

Simar’s post on the departure from noble

The post suggests that they are specifically looking for a sponsor with a boot camp, while this is a mandatory requirement for any pro-team, Noble seems to have not fulfilled it.

LOL Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile Teams to occupy the Boot camp

The 2 teams that will be occupied by the Noble esports boot camp is definitely their Wild roster

The second team is speculated to be the PUBG Mobile team. Noble esports entered India with a PUBG roster which was:

Sycho Sahu
Savi Singh
Sourav Mondal
Sudeep Halder

We don’t have any confirmation as to this is still their intact roster, but we know from a source that their PUBG Mobile roster will be the ones to occupy the boot camp along with the LOL wild rift team.

What does this mean?

This clearly Implies that PUBG Mobile and LOL WildRift which are mobile games are at a higher priority for esports organizations over PC games such as Valorant.

This is understandable from an organizations perspective considering that the entire Indian demo graph is mainly into Mobile esports. Mobile accessibility combined with internet penetration rates, it’s a wiser choice to bet on mobile esports in India than over PC. The region is establishing itself as a mobile esports leader which is great.

Noble’s short stint with Valorant also shows that the PC gaming in India also has potential and we could see a rise, Velocity gamings rise to top 100 valorant teams in the world is a testimony to how good the region can be if given a chance.

Simar and the boys took Velocity Gaming to 5 games in the TEC Grand Series and lost 3-2 just yesterday, and they were picked u by XTZ(XTREME ZONE ESPORTS).

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