Noble Esports to set up boot camp in Mumbai

Noble Esports to set up League of Legends LOL boot camp in Mumbai

Noble Esports, the popular North American organization that entered India with their 5 man Valorant roster in September. They also signed India’s first League of Legends Mobile’s version LOL Wild Rift roster even before the games release.

The team has not met their fan expectations, even though they have been placing top 3 in the past 3 months. The owner of Noble Esports Kyle Mcdougal took to Instagram on a live video, he was joined by Hikka from Sri Lanka and Simar Psy who is the captain of the team.

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Kyle confirmed that they are going to boot camp soon in Aris Serinity apartments, Mumbai. After which Noble Esports shared videos and images of their boot camp, you can check it out here:

Hikka also showed off his jersey , and man does it look good. One of the most asked about question on the stream was where can people buy the jersey, the Noble jersey can be bought on Though you wont be getting a specific player jersey.

Psy and Kyle then went on to address the most asked about problem that why Noble has been underperforming. Firstly the most common understanding is that a new team won’t be able to perform without practice, which Noble has not had a lot of. Psy went on to explain “the main problem of us underperforming is Hikka is playing from Shrilanka at 120 ping and 20% loss.” He went on to say “ we are working towards synergy and bulding co-ordination, Global Esports and Velocity gaming have been playing Valorant together form the time of beta, that’s the reason the edge out on us.”

Noble Esports result’s considering how new the team is actually great, the have been finishing 2nd and 3rd consistently, and giving Global Esports a tough time sometimes.

Kyle further explained ”the team has had constant role switches and experimenting with agents, its unfair to compare them to velocity and Global esports”.

The team just yesterday replaced a player Tito with Sami on try out. Kyle confirmed that Noble Esports is looking to get into CODM as well as PUBG when it get’s unbanned. He seemed pretty sure about the PUBG unban as well.

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