Nodwin Gaming’s Valorant Agni series Grand Finale postponed due to patch 1.11 update

Valorant has introduced new Patch 1.11 notes which includes some great features including new characters and game modes. But the new patch notes has created some problem for the modwin gaming’s Agni Series 2020. They had to postpone the finale of the series. When valorant rerelease the patch, it was in accordance to the ongoing First Strike tournament. So as to not introduce the patch mid global tournament. But that’s exactly what happened with Nodwin Agni series. NODWIN Gaming’s first-ever Valorant tournament titled NODWIN Valorant Agni Series 2020 finals was to take place on 2nd November, but due to the launch of the patch the tournament organziers decided to postpone the tournament to 4th November.

The move is a well thought one as players need at least a day or 2 to get used to the changes made by the patch, that are quiet a few.

The teams that have reached the finale through 4 qualifiers are

Qualifier #1 – Godsquad
Qualifier #2 – Velocity Gaming
Qualifier #3 – Global Esports
Qualifier #4 – Reckoning Esports

Tune in to watch the best Valorant teams in India battle it out to be the champions and take home a cut of 4.5 lakhs. You can catch all the action on Nodwin gaming’s YouTube channel on 4th November 5pm onwards.

Teams will play Best-of-3 semi-finals and a grand finale to win the crown of Agni Series.

“The community has been waiting for a big opening of Valorant ever since the game became a global rage and we’re happy to report that we have done that in style, with Agni Series. The overwhelming response to the tournament is an indicator of how Valorant will be placed in the Indian esports ecosystem in the future. All the very best to the qualified teams!” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and MD, NODWIN Gaming.

The Valorant Agni Series has been a much-loved tournament for the esports community across the country, especially with all the top teams and star players. NODWIN Gaming brought the Valorant series to India in order to make the high-octane live action available to the Indian fans. The winners of this series will earn the right to call themselves the first Valorant Agni Series champions of India.

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