Now, trouble for Ultimate Table Tennis league!

Now, trouble for Ultimate Table Tennis league!- InsideSport

Now, the trouble is brewing up for the Ultimate Table Tennis league! The governing body, TTFI is aiming to review the UTT League and commercial rights agreement.

The Table Tennis Federation of India after a successful conduct of the Ultimate Table Tennis league is having a few issues with league’s commercial rights holders 11 Even Sports. The federation is eyeing to revisit the commercial contract.

The bilateral contract between the TTFI and 11 Even Sports deals with the UTT and domestic events.

The federation, happy with the UTT conduct which according to its own confession had “exceeded everyone’s expectations” reportedly has two issue –
a) the federation not getting its “due” as the officials felt “ignored” during the league; and
b) the title sponsorship of a domestic tournament should be more than the Rs 6 lakh paid by the 11 Even Sports.

The bigger question is, can the sanctity of a long-term agreement be challenged and amendment be enforced if one of the signatories to the contract feels “ignored”? Can the commercial values of a contract be revised upwards because one of the signatories after the contract feels that it can and should get more than the agreed amount?

Insidesport tried to get an official reaction from the 11 Even Sports, but they declined to comment without seeing an official communiqué from the TTFI.

The TTFI Excutive Board, which met in New Delhi earlier this week, has reviewed and concluded that there were “several areas that needed to be looked into”, The Hindu has reported.

The paper has quoted TTFI president and the chair at the meeting Dushyant Chautala as saying that “without doubt, the presentation of UTT was outstanding and exceeded everyone’s expectations. We wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of 11 Sports. Together we expect to take the Indian table tennis to a new high.

“The house felt the TTFI did not get its due during the UTT. As the governing body of the sport in the country, we felt ignored,” adds Chautala. “We also deliberated on various facets of the league, including technical and logistical. We shall discuss everything in detail once we have the representatives of 11 Sports here.”

The other concern was over the cash component offered by 11 Sports for the title sponsorship of a domestic-ranking tournament, which the TTFI wanted to be increased by 10% from the existing rupees six lakh.