Numbers set to crumble at $600 million business bout

Mayweather Vs McGregor,ring at T-Mobile Arena,T-Mobile Arena,Las Vegas,saturday night

Mayweather vs McGregor. Punches to be exchanged in the ring at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Records will shatter all over. The hype around mother of all battles with gloves on is set to end up among the highest pay per view draws. May be the highest ever. A ringside ticket for the Saturday night fight card going up for sale at $100,250 in black market is a strong indicator.

To begin with Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor are assured of mega millions. Mayweather, the man gunning for a 50-0 pro record, is making $100 million. For his maiden pro boxing bout, the MMA icon McGregor gets $30 million. The final purse is believed to reach up to three times of these assured numbers once PPV points and sponsorship revenues are taken into account. Mayweather had earned $ 250 million from the Pacquiao bout.

Yahoo Sports’ Marcus Vanderberg, who obtained the purse information from the Nevada Athletic Commission, has shared the details on twitter about who gets what for $131,850,500 in total on the table.

Details of the World Boxing Council Money Belt are no less lucrative. The 1500 gram gold set on the alligator skin is studded with 3,360 glittering diamonds. It has 600 sapphire and 300 emerald studs.

Many a revenue records Mayweather-Many Pacquiao bout has created two years ago are going to go under the hammer at the T-Mobile arena this Saturday night.

Total revenues are set to surpass $600 million mark. Most pay-per-view sales of 4.6 million and all-time gate at $72.2 million are two other numbers under threat to be erased. The fight is also expected to set the Las Vegas fight wager record with bookmakers gearing up to handle over $60 million in action, as against $50 million on the Mayweather-Pacquiao card.

The fight distribution has been confirmed for 200 countries and territories. The figure is expected to reach 225 by the time action begins. This will be the biggest pay per view reach ever.

Mayweather, the man to make more money than any other fighter in history, will be excited with the prospect of his biggest ever purse. “This is huge, the numbers that we’ve been hearing about, they’ve been crazy,” Mayweather said.

McGregor irrespective of the result is likely to return home richer by more than $100 million, bigger single earning than anything he has made for a fight in his career. The man is thrilled with the business.

And, so does all associates. Boxing fans across the globe not excluded.