Olympics 2024: London, Budapest, Paris fight it out for hosts bid

Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest delivered their third and final dossiers to host the 2024 Olympics on Friday although a machete-attack in the French capital brought fresh security headaches for bid chiefs as reported in First post .

“Three cities officially entered the final straight in the bidding process” the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) announced in a statement

Front-runners Los Angeles and Paris are launching into the fray straight away while Budapest is waiting until mid-February while its leaders seek to head off the threat of a city referendum on the bid.

The 2024 hosts will be announced at the IOC’s 130th Congress in Lima on 13 September.

As Paris were depositing their completed bid, security in the city was again under the spotlight after a soldier patrolling at the Louvre museum shot and seriously injured a machete-wielding attacker.

Paris has been the target of a series of attacks in recent years but French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve insisted the city isn’t alone in facing the threat of terror.

“The terrorist risk is everywhere in the world,” said Cazeneuve.

“Other countries have been attacked, the United States as well as ourselves. It’s because we have been hit that we have adapted. This is what we did for Euro 2016 (football championships) and what we will do for 2024.”

The three candidates in the race to stage sport’s greatest spectacle will undergo visits by IOC bid inspectors.

Los Angeles is first to be put under the microscope on 23-25 April, followed by Budapest (10-12 May) and Paris (14-16 May).

The IOC bidding commission’s final report will then be sent to all IOC members to study and be made public before a 11-12 July meeting of the IOC and sporting federations.