Omphile Ramela removed as Director on CSA Interim Board

Cricket South Africa (CSA) on Tuesday announced that Omphile Ramela has been removed as a Director on the CSA Interim Board.

CSA, in a statement, said that its Interim Board met and “unanimously decided” to remove Ramela. CSA said that the meeting was called after Ramela had been given notice, with a statement of grounds, to give him the opportunity to be present at the meeting to respond to the allegations against him either through an attorney or by himself. However, neither Ramela nor an attorney representing him had joined the meeting, CSA said. “The Board unanimously decided, that Omphile Ramela, having not appeared to give any reasons why he should not be removed, is removed as a Director on the CSA Interim Board,” CSA said.

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Earlier on Monday, CSA suspended acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kugandrie Govender. According to the statement by CSA, the disciplinary action was taken because of allegations of misconduct by Govender while in the position as Chief Commercial Officer of CSA and while acting CEO.

Govender is the second senior member of staff to be served notice of disciplinary proceedings against her by the interim board, appointed last month. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Pholetsi Moseki took over as acting CEO. He is the third person to fill that role in 2020.

“The hearing is to take place on 28 January 2021, when Govender will be allowed to answer the charges which have been brought against her,” CSA had said.

“Moseki has agreed to take on this short-term role and we look forward to working with him. The Chair of the IB also addressed CSA staff this afternoon to allay any concerns they may have and to ensure them all of the IB’s support,” the statement had added.