‘One State, One Game’ initiative for the hunt of Olympic medals

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Courtesy: TOI

The government of India and the sports ministry have identified 14 sports disciplines to be developed as the medal prospect for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. The government has launched the ‘one state, one game’ initiative in consultation with the State governments. This is to make one state proficient in a single sport in which it possesses a special aptitude to win medals in the Olympics.

The present sports minister Kiren Rijiju has told the national daily Times of India about the engagement of the government to the Indian diaspora in and around Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics to work on ‘one family, one player’ scheme so that they can adopt one athlete from the country’s contingent. This will not only allow the athletes to get familiar with the conditions, and venue but also will give them a feeling of home.

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Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said, “We have identified Archery, Boxing, Shooting, Badminton, Wrestling, Hockey, Weightlifting, Cycling, and Athletics as medal prospect for the 2024 Olympic Games while for 2028 and beyond, table tennis, judo, swimming, fencing, and rowing will be included. It takes atleast 8-10 years for an athlete to groom in a particular sport to achieve podium success in the Olympics. For example, China has won a maximum medal in swimming, shooting, weightlifting, table tennis, gymnastics, and boxing. So it is necessary to identify sports disciplines which we can develop in excellence for Olympics and which state is best suited for grooming athletes in a particular Olympic Sport.”

The government has adopted the ‘one state, one game’ initiative in this context to achieve excellence in 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games. The central government will be providing funding to the states for each sport. The states just have to make sure that they adopt it under their policy to adopt a sport and groom athletes in that sport.

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju with regard to sports code and sports policy said, “it is the duty of the government and sports ministry to frame a sports policy acceptable to all the stakeholders including Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and National Sports Federations (NSF), and not the courts of India.” Rijiju said, “the ministry has rejected the 2017 code and that the draft is not conducive for the ‘promotion of sports’ in the country. The court will not decide what the code should look like. India’s sports policy will be framed by the government and not the court.”

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