Over $7 billion spent on global FIFA transfers in 2018: Report

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The global FIFA transfer market has set new benchmarks in 2018. The Global Transfer Market Report has revealed that the clubs across the world have spent over $7.03 billion in 2018. This is a 10.3% raise over the total transfer spent in 2017.

The FIFA Global Transfer Market report, which provides detailed data on global international transfer activity at professional football clubs around the world, for the first time has been released in two separate versions for men’s and women’s football.

The men’s global FIFA transfer market, in addition to the highest spent ever, has also created a record for 16,533 international transfers. This is 5.6% more than the previous year. The UEFA clubs have accounted for over two-third of the total $7.03 spent.

Here are the key highlights from the men’s transfer market in 2018:

Ø Spending reached a new high of $7.03 billion, 10.3% more than in 2017

Ø A new record was set with 16,533 international transfers, 5.6% more than in 2017

Ø The total transfers involved 14,186 players from 175 different nationalities

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Ø Only 31 clubs spent more than $50 million each, but together they accounted for more than half of the $7.03 billion spent globally

Ø 78.2% of the entire spending worldwide occurred between clubs in the UEFA region

Ø France had the largest positive net balance with $467.2 million. England had the largest negative net balance with $-1.05 billion

Ø Saudi Arabia climbed to 7th place in the ranking of the world’s biggest spenders, with its clubs spending $173.9 million in 2018

CLICK HERE for the complete FIFA Global Transfer Market report for men.

The year 2018 also market a first when which all transfers of professional female players had to be processed via FIFA’s International Transfer Matching System. A mere $0.6 million have exchanged hands in transfer of 614 players.

Here are the key highlights from the women’s transfer market in 2018:

Ø For the first time ever female football players mandatorily were processed via FIFA’s International Transfer Marketing System.

Ø Total 696 international women’s transfers were completed, involving clubs from 74 member associations and 614 players of 72 different nationalities

Ø Spending on transfer fees amounted to $0.6 million, showing that the market for female professional players is still in the early stages

Ø One in every five transfers involved a player from the USA, by far the most represented nationality in the transfer market

CLICK HERE for the complete FIFA Global Transfer Market report for women.

The reports also include summary tables with the volume and value of transfers for each of the 211 FIFA member associations, and other information such as transfer types, reasons for contract termination, nationality and age of the players involved, and historical comparisons.

The data published in the FIFA Global Transfer Market Report is extracted from ITMS, which is used by all 211 FIFA member associations around the globe and over 7,000 professional football clubs for the international transfer of professional football players.

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