Pakistan Kabaddi Federation allowed Indian team despite AKFI objection!

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The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation (PKF) has allowed the participation of an unauthorised squad from India in the Kabaddi World Cup (Circle Style) last month in spite of an objection by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI).

The AKFI in a letter dated February 13 has categorically told the PKF that it had not permitted any team to go to Pakistan and play any kabaddi match there. “The individuals cannot represent India without prior permission of the AKFI and clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs. The event is not recognised by AKFI and the individual players playing therein won’t get any benefit whatsoever,” read the letter. InsideSport is in possession of a copy of the letter, signed by AKFI administrator, Justice (Retd) SP Garg.

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The AKFI has also questioned the PKF that to whom did it sent the invitation for the event? Who financed participation of the (Indian) team? Who has arranged the visas for Indian players?

AKFI has also categorically told its Pakistani counterpart that it was not aware of any ‘Kabaddi World Cup’ organised by Pakistan and permission has been sought by “any (Indian) individual /  team from AKFI.

However, the request was not entertained by the PKF and the alleged Indian team went on to play the final, where they lost to the hosts. has earlier also reported that the event was sanctioned by the tournament has been sanctioned by the International Kabaddi Federation, headed by the former AKFI life president Janardan Singh Gehlot. The sanctioning letter was signed by Gehlot.

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