Panasonic building giant LED screen for new soccer club in LA


15,000 square feet of LED display that is 129 feet wide and 29 feet tall. For the viewers it provides high resolution viewing, unparalleled in the world.

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has announced a partnership with Panasonic  to set up the giant screen for a stadium that can seat 22,000 people. The Banc of California stadium that is currently being built will have this, and more, and be the most advanced stadium around.

The stadium, at the heart of the project, is a part of a $350-million project for the club that includes a community plaza, restaurant and retail outlets. Banc of California Stadium will be home to the newest team for Major League Soccer and will be completed next year.

Panasonic is the digital solutions partner for LAFC. LAFC said the partnership will result in the Banc of California Stadium becoming the most technologically advanced venue in MLS.

“Panasonic will help bring our stadium life with its digital displays surrounding the pitch and will provide the most technologically-advanced soccer stadium in the MLS to the heart of LA,” Club President Tom Penn said in a statement.

Former NBA star Magic Johnson is among the people who are investors in LAFC.