Pandya brothers’ ‘scripted spat’ a promotional gimmick

Social media has become the best tool to shake social psyches. From political promotions to commercial campaigns. To form opinions. To create talking points worth long-lasting impressions. But, don’t form an opinion till you have seen the last post. Pandya brothers’ – Krunal and Hardik – latest twitter spat will firm this belief. What appeared to be an online argument between the Mumbai Indians’ two star IPL performers, turned out to be a stage-managed, scripted drama for a brand promotion.

Two brothers engaged in a war of words on twitter shortly after the Mumbai Indians’ win over Kolkata Knight Riders. It was Hardik to initiate the argument with this tweet. “Sometimes in life, people closest to you end up disappointing you the most. Not cool, bro!”

There was a straight reference to both brothers’ performance in the MI-KKR match. Hardik had played a crucial role in Mumbai’s victory in the match against KKR, conceding just 22 runs in his 4 overs and grabbing 2 wickets. On the other hand, Krunal bowled 2 overs, giving 14 runs.

Krunal responded to Hardik’s post by playing the ‘elder brother’ card. He tweeted, “@hardikpandya7 .@hardikpandya7, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I am bade bhaiyya for a reason. Let’s not make this a big issue!” hinting that all is not good between the brothers.


Then stepped in the ‘master of tweets’ are Virender Sehwag, whose hashtag becomes a certain guarantee to make a post viral. Sehwag with his trademark sarcasm tweeted his theory that money could be the reason behind the tiff between the sparring brothers and asking the two to not fight.

If one could read between the lines, he did drop a hint about what can unfold in this battle of tweets. The brand by then had started succeeding in its designs to invoke fans’ response. Advise started pouring in that the brothers shouldn’t ‘fight on social media’.


The posts were going viral. Fan involvement was rising. The ‘budge’ in social media terms was created. For the campaign designer the iron was hot to strike. There stepped in the Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma with the anti-climax. Or, climax.

Rohit emerged as the peace broker with an advise, suggesting the ‘brand name’ as the solution to the brothers’ dispute. “Guys, don’t let bills come in between you two. #ApnaoSmartTareeke and split bills using @CitrusPay ! @hardikpandya7 @krunalpandya24.”

Brand gets the desired leverage. The twitter drama comes to a happy ending with the brother holding each other’s arms to narrate the scripted thanks giving message for the peace-broker. Albeit, on twitter again. This time with a picture of the trio with big, broad smiles.

Twitter succeeds as a handle for promotional activities. Brand manages to reach targeted clients. Pandya brother enjoyed attention beyond the boundaries. A happy ending to the ‘commercial’ prank.