Paris Saint-Germain exploring possibilities to invest in India

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French Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain are exploring the Indian football market for ” the right partners” to invest.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Qatar-based owners are reportedly evaluation India as an option for investment, national daily The Hindu has reported. However, the investment will only be made if the PSG owners “find the right partners”, the paper has quoted club’s Head of Communication Jean Martial Ribes as saying.

“For us (PSG), the Indian market is very important. If you break into the Indian market, the potential for business is massive. The problem is the game is not well developed yet,” he has said.

PSG had not been able to establish a foothold on its earlier initiative in the Indian market. “We are looking closely at what the English and the other clubs are doing, and we will advance progressively. We were in India (before) and we found it difficult to develop the academies. For us, it’s (India) one of our top markets, but it’s not an easy one to break into.

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“We need to find the right partners to build the academies, to develop even a PSG shop; because in Japan we opened one PSG shop and we are going to open a second one. Someday, it’d be great to have a PSG shop in Bombay (Mumbai) or Delhi,” said Ribes and added “We have sponsors from China, we have sponsors from Indonesia, the United States, from many, many countries. We do not have sponsors from India, but it’d be fantastic for us to be able to have access to sponsors from India or to have Indian market people representing our brand. There are some very big companies in India but we need to have the access and right now, we are missing access.”

Ribes also stated that PSG – which features some of the world’s best footballers such as Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Edinson Cavani – would be open to playing a match in India if the right investment comes in.

“If we can find an Indian businessman who comes to us and says, ‘I am ready to work with you and develop the brand’ by opening stores or opening academies, we could bring in star players and we could imagine having a match in India with our team (PSG) someday. If we can find that person, we will definitely go. Just to go there and invest without knowing the right people is difficult,” he said.

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