PIL filed to stop players’ auction in Indian Premier League

Will Delhi High Court stop IPL Player Auction?

A public interest litigation has been filed in the Delhi High Court on Monday for directions to stop Indian Premier League players’ auction. The petition has alleged that the auction of humans in illegal.

The division bench headed by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon will hear the on July 26.

Petitioner Sudhir Sharma, a social activist, has alleged that bidding of players in Indian Premier League is violation of constitutional and statutory rights.

Sharma has sought direction to the Government to look into the matter related to “international human auctioning”. Sharma said that such practice has promoted corruption and nepotism by selling of players through open bidding.

The petitioner alleges the Government has remained a silent spectator to the illegal act. He said that the government has failed to regulate, ban, stop and curb the menace of human bidding and selling through auctioning.

“The IPL is organising human auctions above law, which is mockery of the legal system and affecting the serious issue of right to equality provided by the constitution of India to the citizens,” the petitioner is quoted as saying.

The plea has also sought orders to direct an inquiry and initiate action against the guilty.