Pirated feed costs EPL £ 1 mn a match; India 4th in illegal streaming: Report

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English Premier League’s uncaptured sponsorship media value runs up to £ 1 million per game do to illegal streaming worldwide.

A report by GumGum Sports and digital piracy authority MUSO has revealed that the majority of uncaptured value comes from field-side LED and kit sponsorships. The report based on eight sample matches during the 2018-19 season has revealed that each match saw an illegal audience of 7.1 million fans across 149 countries.

China with illegal EPL feed reaching 1 million fans has the largest audience to consume pirated EPL content. India comes in the No. 4 position behind Vietnam and Kenya. Even the USA and the UK account for the 10th and 11th largest marketing to consume EPL content unlawfully.

The global study also broke down its £1M-per-match finding by on-pitch sponsor, noting that, of the seven deal placements analysed, the majority of value came from field-side LED (rotating digital creative) and kit (front-of-jersey) sponsorship placements, Business Wire has reported citing the report.

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“Clubs and sponsors have never been able to quantify media exposure from unauthorized streaming, which over the years amounts to billions of dollars in unrealized value,” said GumGum Sports general manager, Brian Kim. “Now we have a unique data set that gives an advantage to brand sponsors while also enabling clubs to better demonstrate the value they’re driving on behalf of corporate partners.”

“Piracy audiences have too long been disregarded as offering no real value to rights holders and distributors, but the reality is that these huge audiences still see the same shirt sponsors and commercials as people watching the game via a licensed channel,” stated MUSO co-founder and CEO, Andy Chatterley. “Sports rights owners are now waking up to the fact that they are leaving sponsorship money on the table by not measuring, understanding and gaining insight from the piracy audience––and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with GumGum to change the perception of piracy audiences’ value.”

The study is the first ever to incorporate digital piracy consumption into a cross-channel sponsorship measurement solution alongside traditional broadcast, streaming, social and digital, underscoring the rapid global proliferation of illegal online streaming of televised sporting events.

GumGum Sports is a leading innovator in AI powered sports sponsorship and marketing technology. A division of computer vision pioneer GumGum, the company analyzes millions of videos and images across broadcast, streaming and social to deliver meaningful business insights and sponsorship intelligence to sports and esports teams, leagues, agencies, and brands around the world.

The London-based MUSO is the global authority on digital piracy, seeking to redefine the media industry’s attitude towards piracy audiences. MUSO has collected the largest dataset on digital piracy in the world. It tracks piracy all around the world, monitoring all major forms of piracy activity, including streaming, web downloads, public and private torrents, and stream rippers.

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