PKL-5 Finale best rated non-cricket event on TV


Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 Finale has created a record for Indian television sports broadcast. With a staggering 313 million viewers the event has emerged as the most-viewed non-cricketing sport ever.
VIVO Pro Kabaddi continued its remarkable run with Season 5 as hundreds of millions tuned in to Star Sports to catch the riveting Kabaddi action. The tournament followed a stellar opening in Hyderabad, and travelled across 12 cities before the finale in Chennai. At the end of Season 5, gross impressions for India’s most watched non-cricketing league stand at 313 million with a watch time of 100 billion minutes.
Tamil Nadu, UP and PHCP (regions) witness significant increase in viewership with TN being the most successful new market with a 3.6-time growth in ratings

Source: BARC, India, 4+ All India

Commenting on the performance of India’s flagship Kabaddi tournament, Sanjay Gupta, MD, Star India said “India has truly embraced kabaddi. This season was all about pushing boundaries. With an expanded league, there were 12 teams competing in more than 130 matches, spread across 13 weeks. The love for Kabaddi cutting across geographies and demographics is self-evident. It is very heartening to see this response from millions of fans across the country, which has emphatically re-established Kabaddi’s position as the most watched non-cricket sport synonymous with the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League.”

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