Pokimane and Mizkif discussed about Ice Poseidon ban over Twitch

Pokimane and Mizkif discussed about Ice Poseidon ban over Twitch
Pokimane and Mizkif discussed about Ice Poseidon ban over Twitch

Pokimane recent stream on May 17, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Mizkif talked about controversial streamer Paul ‘Ice_Poseidon’ Denino. They discussed about why he got banned where Mizkif explains why Paul will never be unban from Twitch.

Because of his controversial streams, Ice Poseidon has etched his name into the Twitch’s streaming history books. The controversial streamer started polarize former Twitch streamers and viewers everywhere. Mizkif, who was the cameraman of Ice Poseidon has defended the him previously by calling out apology from Karl Jacobs, a Minecraft Star streamer.

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Yesterday, Pokimane and Mizkif came up together on a live stream where they are chatting and interacting with viewers. Denino’s name again shown up in the live chat during the stream where fans are asking them to share their views on the streamer ban. Ice Poseidon who got banned from Amazon owned streaming platform’ Twitch’ in 2017 due to an airport incident.


During May 17 stream, Pokimane and Mizkif was chatting about gaming and streaming and suddenly chat asked about Ice Poseidon which became the topic of conversation later.

Pokimane asked Mizkif, ” why you don’t feel like, you can talk to him.”
Mizkif replied simply that it is “dangerous territory. He later added it is pretty dangerous territory but we are still friends. I like him a lot, I also wish that he get unbanned in future. But as we know Twitch’s policy and terms of services, they are never going to unban Ice Poseidon. ”

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Pokimane also asked, “ What Ice Poseidon would need to do to gain his reputation back on the internet.”

Mizkif shakes his head and answered, ” I will suggest that Ice would have to do some insane work of charity like saving an orphanage. However, there is nothing Ice Poseidon can do because community are going to be like ‘you Probably set the orphanage on fire.”‘