Pokimane announces Hot-tub Stream on 14th May with Offline TV, Amouranth Responds

Amouranth becomes top female streamer of Q2 beating Valkyrie Pokimane
Amouranth becomes top female streamer of Q2 beating Valkyrie Pokimane

Pokimane announces Hot-tub Stream on 14th May, Amouranth Reacts: In a recent Twitch stream, Pokimane announced a Hot-tub Stream on her birthday. She says, “I have convinced my friends from OfflineTV to do the Hot-tub Stream on my birthday.” This news comes as a surprise for the fans of Pokimane. At the start of May 2021, she refused to do any hot tub stream even after the viewers spamming the idea all over her chat.

No other trend has taken over the Amazon-owned streaming platform ‘Twitch’ in 2021 like the ‘Hot- tub meta’ has. Twitch is very strict with their rules and policies where they ban the streamers who use inappropriate language or content such as sexual content or sexually suggestive content. Surprisingly, Hot-tub meta found a loophole where Twitch is not banning the streamers from doing the Hot-tub streams.

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In this trend, streamers are wearing exposed clothing during live streams which caused a fair bit of controversy. Earlier this month, Pokimane accused Twitch of not banning such content or allowing this type of content on the platform.

Pokimane Hot-tub Stream will feature Scarra, Disguised Toast, and LilyPichu, who will do a hot tub stream for her. This hot-tub stream will take place on Pokimane’s birthday, 14th May 2021.

After the announcement of Hot-tub Stream by Pokimane, fellow Twitch streamer Amouranth called this thing a drama. Amourath is a popular female Twitch streamer who started the trend of Hot-tub Stream. She tweeted, “Seeing another streamer copy my stream verbatim is disturbing. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing someone stealing my creativity cuz they’re a bot with no ideas of their own. They pretend to be my friend only to be a snake. The lies and the greed is unreal. This bi**h is a multimillionaire and can’t even stand if anyone does a little better streaming they have to copy my whole stream. I’m sorry but they stole from the wrong ranth.”

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