Pokimane Extended Break: How Does Imane Anys Spend Time During Time Off Explained

Imane Anys Extended Break
Pokimane Extended Break

Pokimane Extended Break: Video blogger Imane Anys mostly known as Pokimane has taken an extended break from streaming. She decided to take a break from streaming a few days back. The fans are very sad after this decision. So, they want to be back on the stream again. That’s why she has officially disclosed when she will come back. So, today we will discuss Pokimane Extended Break and how she is spending her time during the break.

Pokimane Extended Break: How Does Imane Anys Spend Time During Time Off Explained

Imane Anys, mostly known as online alias Pokimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian Internet personality. Imane Anys is mainly known for her live streams on Twitch, broadcasting video game content, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite. Moreover, She is also a member of OfflineTV. It is an online social entertainment group of content creators. Pokimane took an Extended Break.

She was trying to take a break from the stream a few months back. Finally, she decided to take it at the month end of august. She is spending her time with her parents in Canada. The Twitch sensation has clearly told her fans on 4th September about her comeback. She is postponing her return just a little bit longer. She said that she has been enjoying her time at home. So, she would extend her stay a bit. Pokimane Extended Break.

She is spending her time very well. She expressed her feelings by tweeting. Imane said that her favourite thing to do in Canada is to drink tap water.

However, she has enjoyed her coffee in Canada. She posted an image through her Instagram hnadle.


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So, she is spending her time in Canada in these ways(Pokimane Extended Break). She will be back soon with streams. According to sources, she might come back to stream with in next seven days. The fans can not wait to see her on the streams.

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