Pokimane vs Sodapoppin: Pokimane reacts with wild reply, after Sodapoppin says, ’she is very sexy’

Pokimane vs Sodapoppin: Pokimane reacts with wild reply,
Pokimane vs Sodapoppin: Pokimane reacts with wild reply,

Pokimane vs Sodapoppin: The leading Twitch Streamers Pokimane & Sodapoppin are having little bit of banter in recent times. After Sodapoppin shared his feeling for Pokimane by calling her ‘very sexy’ – the girl in the question has reacted in a very wild & witty manner. Check how Pokimane reacted to Sodapoppin’s comment –

Pokimane vs Sodapoppin: What exactly is the full story?

‘Sodapoppin’Morris is anAmerican Twitch streamer and a very famous internet personality. He has one of the largest followings on Twitch, with over 3 million followers and over 360 million views. He was streaming on the platform recently when some people started spamming “Poki Raid” while giving a reply on this he said, ” Alright, Poki Raid, Thank You Pokimane, you are so sexy.”

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Pokimane vs Sodapoppin – The queen of Twitch reacts wildly –

Few hours ago when Pokimane was streaming on Twitch where she was playing Minecraft on stream. She was defensive in the game where she had put the boxes in row to defend her.

During the stream, fans started asking her to react on Sodapoppin’s video.

Pokimane accepted the requests of the fans and reacted on the video clip of Sodapoppin. She burst out laughter after watching the clip, she surprisingly reacted on it, “Did I raid him actually. I raid him like two weeks ago and now he saw the raid and reacted on it.”

She also asked the fans, did they want a genuine reaction clip on this. She later gave a wild reply – ” Oh My God, I thought he is gay.”


Pokimane also reacted on fellow streamer and friend Willneff.

“Will, he is like once and lifetime type of friend. I met him and knew him about two years ago. But I saw him first in the scene, met on the OTV( OfflineTV) and i could just tell that he is such wider die for his song. Not only that, Willneff is so entertaining guy, he is so nice and it makes feel good when you know someone like that who find the success on Twitch. He is so great. “