Premier League: Adidas most visible brand with six team deals

Premier League: Adidas most visible brand with six team deals

Adidas continues to be the most visible brand in the English Premier League 2018-19 season. Out of 20 Premier League clubs this season, the German apparel, footwear and athleisure brand has kit sponsorship deals with six teams. This amounts to 33.33% of the total Premier League kit sponsorship deals. Puma and Umbro have four teams each from the Top Division English football in their sponsorship portfolio.

Being the most popular professional football league around the world with the highest viewership ratings and top talent, Premier League clubs attract some of the most lucrative sponsorship deals from global brands vying for an on-field presence.

The Premier League clubs are collectively poised to net approximately $400 million from kit/apparel sponsorship deals in the 2018-19 season from deals with brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, New Balance and Under Armour. Since 2012, The English top tier clubs have signed long term deals worth over $3.3 billion with those brands.

German sportswear giant Adidas emerges as a clear leader when it comes to the share of Premier League sponsorship portfolio and the amount invested in deals with individual clubs. The ten-year deal with Manchester United signed in 2016 is also the most expensive kit deal ever signed in the history of club football. The $1.3 billion deal is set to expire in 2026.

To put Adidas-Manchester United deal in perspective, the revenue for this season forms 32.5% of the Premier League clubs total revenue from the front-of-shirt/chest sponsors in 2018-19 season. The deal is also the most expensive among all forms of sponsorships (Shirts, sleeve and kit.) as well as the longest deal ever signed (17 years) in the history of club football.

Other than Manchester United, Adidas currently sponsors five other Premier League clubs including Cardiff City, Fulham, Leicester City, Watford and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Even as the value of its deal with other clubs are unreported, the company’s $130 million annual pay-out to Chelsea is higher than the total pay-outs by other brands to the clubs in their sponsorship portfolio.

American brand Nike has signed its most expensive kit deal with Chelsea the annual value of which is estimated at $71.9m. The $1.15 billion deal signed in 2016 is set to expire in 2032 and is the second highest kit deal in the Premier League. Nike also sponsors Manchester City ($18 million p.a.), Brighton and Hove Albion ($1.3 million) and Tottenham Hotspurs ($38.6 million). Nike has spent approximately $129.8 million this season in Premier League kit sponsorship, the second highest after Adidas.

Another German brand Puma and English brand Umbro also has kit sponsorship tie-ups with four clubs each in Premier League.

Puma spends approx. $45 million annually in deals with Burnley, Crystal Palace, and Newcastle United and the most expensive one with Arsenal ($38.6 million p.a.).

Umbro too remains one of the major financial supporter of Premier League clubs in terms of kit sponsorship tie up with four teams. The English sportswear and apparel brand is backing AFC Bournemouth, Everton, Huddersfield and West Ham with $14.1 million annually.

American sportswear brands New Balance and Under Armour are having kit deals with one club each.

New Balance pays Liverpool $55.7 million annually in the third most expensive kit deal in Premier League.

 Another US sports apparel and accessories company Under Armour in in a $36 million, seven-year deal with Southampton. The sponsorship pact was signed in 2016.