Premier League extends hunt for CEO to ‘politician type’ executives

The Premier League’s hunt for a CEO is now not restricted to the broadcasting sector. Agency recruited to find Richard Scudamore’s successor is reportedly looking for “politician type” executives with experience of leading big businesses as potential candidates.

Since Premier League has an in-house team of seasoned broadcast professionals, it has reportedly decided to look for a new chief executive with general management skills.

Premier League has not been able to find a right candidate for the Chief Executive’s office after Scudamore had stepped down from the position in November last year.

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The 54-year-old British businessman Sir Gary Verity, credited to bring Tour de France to Yorkshire, was reported as a potential candidate, but nothing went forward. Discover executive Susanna Dinnage and BBC Studios’ Tim Davie had come closest to replace Scudamore. While Davie did not accept the offer, Susanna opted out after an initial confirmation as she decided to stay with Discovery.

According to British publication The Financial Times, Premier League has resumed the hunt for the new CEO. Head hunter Russell Reynolds, who had replaced the recruitment firm Spencer Stuart in June, had reportedly been directed to create an new shortlist of candidates with experience of leading big businesses and not necessarily from broadcast sector, the paper has reported with reference to sources close to the process.

The reach is widened beyond television sector as candidates like Susanna and Davie had declined the offer. The emphases now will more be on general management skills. Another source has also told the paper that the top flight English football league is not looking for “politician type” candidate with prime ability to act as a diplomat to facilitate deals between the league’s 20 clubs and represent the competition to regulators in the UK and Europe.

The paper had earlier reported that the Premier League was also seriously considering US candidates with no UK broadcasting experience.

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