Premier League Live : Clubs ‘to vote on using FIFA 20 crowd noise’

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The return of Premier League football could see fake crowd noise from FIFA 20 used on TV broadcasts with games set to be played without fans.

The remaining 92 games of the season were given the go-ahead last week, resuming behind closed doors from from June 17 with every match to be broadcast live on TV.

According to the Daily Mail, crowd noise has emerged as a preferred option for the Premier League and using a generic soundtrack from the EA Sports video game will be discussed on Thursday.

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The Premier League‘s broadcast advisory group will come up with innovations to be put to the 20 top-flight clubs, including fans mosaics in the stands.

Bundesliga teams, who returned to action three weeks ago, have used a variety of options to fill empty seats such as cardboard cut outs or photos of supporters.

Other options to be put to clubs, and reportedly met with approval, would be 360-degree replays and a tactical camera for analysis.

The use of neutral venues for up to 12 “high-risk” matches, such as the game which will see Liverpool crowded champions, is also expected to be on the agenda.

FIFA 20 has over 10 million players and remains the world’s most popular soccer game, ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer. And 450million matches of the game have been played worldwide.