Premier League media rights revenue reaches $11.7 billion

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Premier League, in spite of a drop in domestic media rights value, has registered an overall eight per cent growth as media rights value for the 2019-2022 cycle has reportedly reached $ 11.7 billion (£9.2 billion).

The growth is attributed to the better values for the overseas rights.

Premier League interim chief executive Richard Masters has reportedly revealed at the FT Business of Football Summit that almost 30% more revenue from the overseason media rights for the next three-year cycle had offset the deficit from the domestic market.

Premier League’s overseas media rights revenue has gone up to $ 5.3 billion (£ 4.2 billion) from $ 3.9 billion (£3.1 billion) in the last rights cycle. The domestic rights market is down to $6.3 billion (£ 5 billion) from $6.8 billion (£5.4 billion) Sky Sports and BT Sport had paid for the 2016- 2019 rights period.

Sky will once again show the lion’s share of Premier League coverage for the next three seasons, with BT airing 52 live games exclusively. Amazon, meanwhile, became the first internet streaming service to acquire domestic coverage of England’s top flight when it secured a package of 20 games per season in June last year, states a report.

The value of the Premier League’s domestic rights fell despite the organisation including 32 more matches than were sold during the previous cycle, and Claire Enders of Enders Analysis warned that the league could see UK broadcasters offer even less during the next sales process.

“I would confidently predict a 40 per cent decline in [Uefa] Champions League income in the UK rights,” Enders told the FT Business of Football Summit. “The drop in Premier League auction will be 20 per cent decline. My advice to clubs would be: cut your wage bill.”

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