PSL 2019: Pitbull fails to turn up for grand opening ceremony

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Pakistan Super League opening ceremony has lost its glitter despite the presence of a host of Sufi singers. The most talk-about factor of the Pakistan Super League 2019 curtain raiser turned out to be a non-starter.

The PSL 2019 opening ceremony ‘show stopper’ Pitbull is not coming to perform in Dubai.

Pitbull has apologised to fans in a video message on his official Twitter handle. Due to a snag in the plane that had to take Pitbull to Dubai, Pitbull could not make it to the event. The American rapper in his video message apologised to the fans and said that he will not be able to perform at the Pakistan Super League opening ceremony on Thursday (today).

“I wanna start off by saying I was very, very excited to be able to go to Dubai and perform for the HBL Pakistan Super League cricket tournament,” he said. “But, unfortunately, what has happened was … it was such a long flight … they took the plane for a test flight, and when they landed, pieces of the engine had come apart.

He further explained that he tried his best to coordinate with the Pakistan Cricket Board and reach Dubai but it could not be worked out. “Between the Pakistan Cricket Board … we had tried our hardest to get over to Dubai. I just wanna say I’m sorry, I apologise. Deeply apologise for that.”

Pitbull added that he was grateful for ‘the love and support’ that he received from the fans. “Enjoy, have fun, thank you to HBL and Super League, for even thinking of me to be able to come to the cricket tournament. Really appreciate it! Hope to see you guys next year or any time soon,” he promised, before signing off with a wave of his hand.”

The PSL Season 4 starts today in Dubai following the grand opening, which though has lost some of its sheen as Pibull failed to turn up for the event.

DSport will broadcast the league games live in India.

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