PSL franchisee: An investment with many assured returns

Poker Sports Leage

The Season Two returns with an opportunity for the people with passion for the sport and a mindset for business investment. The PSL commercial  model assures an instant break even with a potential of certain growth with a little effort.

Two teams are up for grabs. There are interests. The league owners are looking to get the best of the best on board as the teams to represent Chennai and another city from the North, South or Eastern regions of the country. “We are opening up two teams for bidding to give an opportunity to all the poker lovers across the country to be a part of this fantastic growth story,” PSL CEO Pranav Bagai confirmed to

PSL franchisee ownership rights for an eight-year period come for INR 9 crore. What works in an investors’ favour is the year-on-year fee structure. The right to enter the fray comes for a mere INR 57.5 lakh. Add to this INR 14 lakh on account of players’ salaries and the team gets ready to vie for a stake in the season’s prize purse of INR 3.6 crores. The elite sport, that poker is, also attracts elite sponsorship interests. The annual fee grows with the commercial growth of the league.


Franchisees get a workable business model with assured returns from the central pool income and a certain inventory to generate their own sponsorship revenues, which entirely go the respective franchisees’ account. From the central pool income 50% is distributed among the franchisees. There is no cap or limit to each  franchisees’ share from this pool, consisting of media rights, sponsorships, merchandising and other licensing revenues.

An even better deal lies in franchisees’ rights and scope to generate own income. Each franchisee gets a defined sponsorship inventory on TV, digital and social media platforms, live streams and offline branding along with exclusive branding (80%) at minimum 6 Live Qualifier Events per team.


PSL has got the basics right in converting an individual sports into a team-based league competition. The league in the inaugural year became an instant hit. Not just with the players on the table. Or the passionate franchisees following their teams. But, also with millions of other poker sport followers. Season One live streaming has registered 4.5 million views on FB. The PSL Final Table has recorded 1.28 million views – 10% more than the WSOP 2015 Main Event Final Table views on ESPN. The numbers will be any broadcasters delight as PKL is finalising a media rights partner from the second season, which has an enhanced budget for the league marketing, media activation, fan engagement and broadcast production.

The existing franchisees committing to the entire available license period of eight years is a testimony to the fact that PSL as a product has won the first test to get acceptance from the stakeholders.