PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Release: Check Latest official Updates

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India: Check out the Latest Official posts about its Release
PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India: Check out the Latest Official posts about its Release

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Release Update: Since, the rebranding of India’s favourite battle royale game to Battlegrounds Mobile India, publishers of PUBG Mobile has been very busy with its promotions. November was the last time when we had a teaser of the Indian version of the game & no one heard anything from Krafton ever since. But now, the regular updates on the official social media handles make it clear that we are just baby steps away from the big reveal.

Check official Updates from Battlegrounds Mobile India: What it Hints about the Release Date?

Today, a shot from everyone’s beloved Sanhok map was posted on their official handles. Back in 2018, Sanhok was added as the third map in PUBG Mobile that featured an iconic tropical battleground theme. The jungle map that favoured elusive survival skills, also became popular for its intense close-range combat experience.

Now, if you have been a regular visitor of Sanhok, you may remember that the picture features a place at the extreme south corner of the map named ‘Ban Tai’. The officials posted “We’ve waited for you as long as you have for us! Gather your squads and prepare to rule the battlegrounds!” highlighting the message ‘Battlegrounds are waiting’. While this may not reveal much, there’s a fan theory about another official post that has recently become the talk of the town.

Recently Battlegrounds Mobile India posted a community update on their official YouTube Channel that features a Level 3 Helmet eclipsing a beam of light. Now it might seem bleak, but geeks on the internet immediately came up with a theory. They suspect that the game is releasing on the day of the next Solar Eclipse, which is on June 10th. To some, it will hardly make sense but many are buying this theory of PUBG teasing the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India via this poster. Although one thing is for sure, the post confirms that the game releasing soon indeed.

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Official update

More updates are likely to drop soon for which you can keep an eye out on their official Facebook page, Website & YouTube channel. Additionally, the game is also set to have pre-registrations before its launch. Once it enters the pre-registration period, which is likely to begin in the second half of May, we will have a much clearer idea about its release date. You will be able to pre-register for the game from the Battlegrounds Mobile India website.

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