PUBG Diwali Present : PUBG Mobile releases teaser for comeback in India

This Diwali just got better! PUBG mobile drops ad teaser, it features Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo are seen in the add. Check it out. PUBG mobile is going to be coming to the play store soon! Another announcement made by PUBG India’s twitter channel shows a trailer to the awaited upcoming ad!
When will the game come out
The question on everyone’s mind  watching the trailer is when will it be back? This has not been revealed in the trailer but according to may pro players the date might have shifted a little. The game was supposedly making a comeback today, which is still a possibility. PUBG players around India are keeping a close watch on the re-release and unban of the game. Also players have said that an entire road map is chart out by PUBG Mobile for 2021 to keep their audience engaged.
The PUBG Mobile Indian version to have its own logo.
The teaser
The trailer gives us the this gloomy feeling of something that we have missed for so long, Its how most PUBG players felt while they could not play the game. The teaser definitely reflects the feelings of all PUBG players in India.
The teaser shows Kronten, Jonathan and Dynamo all bored.
Kronten is seen staring at nothing and spinning an apple.
Jonathan is looking at the pan as if he is thinking about the pan in game.
Dynamo dosent know what to do on his phone.
It ends with good news, with Diwali even PUBG is coming soon!