PUBG: Indian Esports teams select players from Pakistan & Bangladesh to compete at PMPL South Asia Season 2

Post PUBG ban in India, organizations that had qualified to PUBG PMPL Season 2 had lost all hope of playing. 17 Indian teams lost their slot in the PMPL South Asia as Tencent banned Indian players for the tournament. The tournament boasts a huge prize pool of 2 million USD and a slot at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the tournament scheduled in November.

But Two of India’s top homegrown organizations have found a way to still take part- Future Station Esports and Stalwart Esports, have signed players from the South Asian region to participate in the tournament. The Move might make rest of the Indian organizations to follow and pick up teams from around the world. In that case Stalwart and Future Station have managed to secure themselves the best rosters from the region.

Team Stalwart Signs Pakistani Roster-Team Free Style

Stalwart Esports announced today that it has signed the roster of Team Freestyle for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia season two. This will allow Stalwart to participate in the Pro League as Team Freestyle is a Pakistani roster.

Team Freestyle is one of the most decorated teams from Pakistan. They won the spring split of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Pakistan and qualified for season zero of the World League (PMWL) East. In the PMWL, the team couldn’t prove themselves and finished in the 17th position.

“No one cares for the runners up team,” said STEfsMalik, captain of the team. “Fans only remember the team who makes an impact. And in this PMPL, we’ll be remembered as the team who won the championship.”

Freestyle’s roster initially approached Stalwart since due to network issues in the region, they had failed to secure a spot for PMPL S2. Now, Team Freestyle’s roster will play under Team Stalwart with the title STEfs.

“As our finances were in lock, we had to find a strategy to deal with the situation,” says Dhwanil, COO of Stalwart Esports. “Also, Team Freestyle’s roster has great talents, which we decided not to let go in vain. This is the prime reason for Team Freestyle playing under Stalwart.” reported afk gaming.

Team Stalwart took pride in their move, they announced on social media:

“When you’ve got the determination nothing could stop you, not even the ban. While the Indian esports industry was in turmoil due to the ban of PUBGm, We at stalwart took the initiative to tackle this situation. We signed team FreeStyle’s roster for the PMPL S2, The most dominant lineup in the South Asia region, These boys are extremely talented and skilled.”

Team Freestyle has an extremely talented roster and the boys have proved it time to time [in their previous tournaments],” says Zeyan Shafiq, Founder of Stalwart Esports. “Also, this line-up is well experienced and we’re looking forward to getting good results with them.”

The complete roster is:

  • STEfsBlack
  • STEfsBaba
  • STEfsMalik
  • STEfsKashoof
  • STEfsBlade
  • STEfsMorte

FutureStation Esports signs roster from Bangladesh

The announcement came through its social media handles where they wrote:
“The champions and idols of Bangladesh will now represent their country and our organization i.e Future Station Esports India. These boys will carry the legacy of our Indian Lineup which worked hard to reach here but are unable to continue to do so because of the ban”
Future Station Pubg Mobile Roster roster
1. FS Badrev
2. FS Kapshi
3. FS Tammim
4. FS Machine
5. FS Steelshot
6. FS Yamin