PUBG Mobile 1.4 x Godzilla vs Kong Global Release date & check out New Features coming to the game

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes May: Check Rewards & how to redeem them
PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes May: Check Rewards & how to redeem them

PUBG Mobile 1.4 x Godzilla vs Kong Global Release date & New Features coming to the game: The PUBG Mobile Version 1.4: Traverse update is going live on May 11 & Battlegrounds fans are eagerly waiting for the new content to drop. Players are aware that with Season 19, PUBG Mobile is introducing an earth-shattering Monster Verse event as PUBG Mobile is collaborating with the latest Godzilla vs. Kong movie to introduce new themes in the battlegrounds.

About PUBG Mobile 1.4 x Godzilla vs Kong Update

Named Titan Strikes, the new mode will offer players the opportunity to interact with legendary monsters like Godzilla & Kong on their favourite battlegrounds. In the Titan Strikes theme, the monsters will appear on different locations on the map in different times and will be seen roaring & crushing everything that comes along in their path. As a result, players need to be cautious while observing a titan up-close, or else they might find themselves turned into a crate. Additionally, the titans will leave a trail of special crystals in their path. Explorers can collect the different crystals with various functions & use them as tactical weapons. There are also Apex Cybernetics Facilities & Monster Settlements waiting to be explored in the new Titan Strikes theme.

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During the event period, these are the dates when monsters will make their appearances in their respective maps.

  • Godzilla in Erangle: May 11 – June 8
  • Kong in Sanhok: May 15 – June 8
  • Mechagodzilla in Livik: May 20 – June 8

New Arena Map: Hangar

Along with the new theme, a new arena map will be introduced on June 1st in PUBG Mobile. Titled “Hangar” the new map is full of covers & multiple corners for intense close-range combat. Unlike the parallel built of the Warehouse map, this map is likely to offer more dynamic gun fight experiences. The all new arena map will feature Team Deathmatch, Arena Training & Team Gun Game.

New Feature: OTS Mode

An all new “OTS Mode” option will make its debut with the 1.4 Update. This new option will allow players to quickly switch stances & be more accurate with the crosshair. Upon tapping the option the camera zooms in a little from the back, allowing players to shoot from an all-new shoulder perspective.

OTS Mode: PUBG Mobile 1.4
OTS Mode: PUBG Mobile 1.4

New Vehicle: Coupe RB

The brand new Coupe RB vehicle will be coming online which is a sportscar that can carry one driver & one passenger at a time. Wrecking speed limits while traveling faster than 150km./h, this car is one of the fastest vehicles in PUBG Mobile. “Taking players to all corners of the map in a blink of an eye”. The all-new Coupe RB vehicle can be found in Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok & Livik after the 1.4 update.

Coupe RB: PUBG Mobile 1.4
Coupe RB: PUBG Mobile 1.4

Cheer Park & Training Ground Update: PUBG Mobile 1.4 x Godzilla vs Kong

With the 1.4 update, the Mk12, M1014 & Famas have been added to cheer park & training grounds. Players can find these map-exclusive weapons in the training grounds now, making it easier for them to master the guns quickly.

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