PUBG Mobile Among Us-themed mode, All you need to know

PUBG Mobile Among Us-themed mode, All you need to know

PUBG Mobile and Among Us fans might be in for a gala time in the future since a huge collaboration-style update is in the works for the former. This information has come to light because it was leaked by a YouTuber called LuckyMan. According to the content creator, head an early access to the game, and the patch update for the same in the Chinese edition of PUBG Mobile is on its way.

PUBG Mobile’s Among Us-themed mode in works 

The PUBG Mobile-Among Us mode is just a whiff in the air, with its news currently unverified. However, the Chinese variant of the title, “Game for Peace,” has already gotten this new update and has been able to bring about interesting changes.

The game mode is called “Who is the ghost” and features two teams: special forces and a ghost. The latter’s role is to get rid of the members, while the special forces have to find out who the ghost(s) is.

In the video uploaded by LuckyMan, he is the ghost, and the video attached below shows how the game is played and what has to/could be done.

Since it has made a feature in the Chinese version of the famous battle royale title, there is a huge possibility the fans will see this new mode themselves shortly if these rumours are to be believed.

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Hopefully, if the new mode makes its way into the global version of PUBG Mobile, it comes with enough changes to get approved without any copyright claims. Some Among Us lookalikes have come under a lot of scrutiny for the same.

There is no new date about when the new themed variant will get released, though. Though, what is known, is the fact that Game for Peace usually gets an update a month or two ahead of PUBG Mobile. Version 1.2 of PUBG Mobile has just been launched this week, and if the monthly timetable is followed, then the timeline for this version to role out in the global version would be around February or March.