PUBG Mobile Big Gameplay Update: Shoulder Perspective (TPP) & Shrink Mode added in the Global Beta

PUBG Mobile Update Shoulder Perspective
PUBG Mobile Update Shoulder Perspective

PUBG Mobile Big Gameplay Update: Shoulder Perspective (TPP) & Shrink Mode added in the Global Beta. PUBG Mobile is already a prominent name in the mobile gaming scenario that offers the finest mobile gaming experience. One of the major reasons behind its success is players who join for the first time don’t find much trouble to adapt to its gameplay. And that is all thanks to PUBG’s simple & easy to understand control layout. This is why PUBG mobile keeps the control layout intact & rarely makes any changes to it. Although, after all this time, a new option is finally getting introduced in the control layout.

Currently known as the Shoulder Perspective, the option has already been added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile. This allows players to aim down the sight while the camera angle is set from just behind the shoulder (TPP).

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Function of the Shoulder Perspective Button

Upon tapping on the Shoulder Perspective button, the camera zooms in a little, focusing from behind the shoulder of the character. In doing so, the spread of the crosshair shrinks significantly. This provides the player much more higher accuracy with the crosshair at the cost of a major loss in movement speed. Furthermore, it slightly decreases the Camera FOV. According to reports, the same option will be available in the upcoming futuristic battle royale game, PUBG: New State as well.

Unlike other updates, the Shoulder Perspective option has been added to the global beta version ahead of its inclusion in the Chinese version of the game. While we are not sure if the option has the potential to become the new favourite of regular players, it’ll be interesting to see how the Esports pros handle this latest addition to their layouts. Judging from their skills of improvisation, they will surely delight us with new tricks using the Shoulder Perspective Mode. Additionally, this may greatly impact the Esports of PUBG as players can now zoom in without losing the advantage of TPP.

Shrink Mode: PUBG Mobile Beta Update

Another new addition to the Beta Version is the Character Shrink Mode. In the beta version, players can find a lab inside the Radio Tower which is situated near Gatka & at north from Quarry. Once inside the lab, players can use the lab equipments to shrink themselves into a size of a bug (Much like The Wasp character from Ant-Man Movie). While the purpose of this option is still unclear, players will definitely enjoy flying around the map disguised as an insect & go undetected by enemies. Check out the full gameplay from here.

Shrink Mode - PUBG Mobile
Shrink Mode – PUBG Mobile

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