PUBG Mobile big update: 4 cool PUBG Mobile 2 Updates you should know before next week’s launch

PUBG Mobile 2 Updates you should know before next week's launch

PUBG Mobile big update: With the global launch of the PUBG Mobile 2 version late this week, players will be greeted with various new features including completely new maps. However, with a ban in India since September 2020, the popular game will not be launched in the country.

While the game developer hasn’t revealed the details of the new version, as per popular leakers, the game is expected to be a sequel of the PUBG Mobile game. It will be set in 2051 with futuristic weapons and drones available for players. However, the more interesting feature will be its cross-platform compatibility. The new version is likely to support cross-platform play including PCs, gaming consoles (Xbox Series S and X and PS 5) besides mobile (Android and iOS).

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New maps: The upcoming version will sport completely new maps with players being able to explore more area.

Drones: Not many mobile games give you the ability to use drones. But the new PUBG Mobile 2 version will give you the option use drones.

Futuristic weapons: While PUBG is already popular for its weapons collection, the new version is expected to have futuristic gadgets and weapons considering it is set in 2051. The cool new gadgets will include drones and deployable bunkers that will be part of the core gameplay.

Cross-platform compatibility: As per leaks, the game will be cross-platform compatible. It means that a mobile gamer can play against a PlayStation/Xbox or a PC player.

However, as for Indian gamers, they will be left disappointed as the version will not be available in India. But a PUBG 2.0 version is in the works by Krafton for a long time. If launched, Indian players might be able to play that or else, they will need to be satisfied with FAUG.