PUBG Mobile : Despite of the India ban, PUBG is the most watched esport event in the month of August

PUBG Mobile was the most watched esport in the month of August, according to a report by esports viewership tracking website Escharts. The PUBG World League EAST took place in August, with the finals from 6th to 9th August.

The League has reported to have had over one million concurrent viewers at its peak.
PUBG Mobile World League East was the most popular online-only event in 2020. We’ve already seen the league in the top of July tournaments but it didn’t reach the top of the list.

The peak at the finals concluded 1.1M viewers, but because of the ban of the discipline in India, the region now is experiencing severe changes and the statistical decrease. The game was the #1 app in India, and Hindi contributed 35.8% to the total Hours Watched number of the tournament.

The LEC Summer 2020(League of Legends European Series) became the second most popular tournament with 900K concurrent views at its peak, mainly because of the legendary battle of G2 and Fnatic. In September, the finals collected more than 1M viewers, so we’ll definitely see this event in the next month’s headlines. LEC was top in popularity if we look at only English viewers none the less.