PUBG Mobile: Famous Indian PUBG Player ” Scout” featured in 200 most influential people in Asia 2020 list

Famous Indian PUBG star Scout “Tanmay Singh” has become one of the most famous names in the Indian Esports scene, according to a list made by  British Journalist and former Former Super Model Kiran Rai who has written in 89 magazines, written in 987 newspapers and reported at 109 major events.

Scouts name has been included in the list  mainly due to his extraordinary performances in the PUBG Mobile pro scene.


Life rules that scout follows

Scout is herd saying that 2 rules lead him to where he is now,

“1st Rule, never forget why u started your journey, don’t stop till u achieve your goal”.

“2nd rule never give up”.

He goes on to say, “Right now I’m living my passion and  I’m very happy may be down the line it will change in 10to 12 years then I may shift”


Scout as a person

Kiran rai questions scout on what type of a person scout is.

To this scouts said that he is a Completely different character from when he is working and not working.

He says “There are entirely different characters when you come to Scout and Tanmay. So, Scout is a guy who wants to win, entertain and chill out with the audience and viewers that he has on the internet, he has a social media lifestyle.

“But when it comes to Tanmay, he is a completely different guy. He is a chilled out dude who loves adventure, his friends, and to travel around the globe.

He went on to say that he wants to complete his lifelong dream of playing football on a field surrounded by thousands of people. He also said that he had to stop playing football to coz of injury and that’s what led him to pubgm.

Scout’s message to his fans

The PUBG player told his fans ”

Keep believing in me and I’ll keep entertaining you guys and keep your belief on hopes high”.