PUBG Mobile: Gunz Esports crowned the champions of PMPL Arabia 2021, GXR scores a #1 on Day 3

PUBG Mobile: Gunz Esports crowned the champions of PMPL Arabia 2021, GXR scores a #1 on Day 3
PUBG Mobile: Gunz Esports crowned the champions of PMPL Arabia 2021, GXR scores a #1 on Day 3

PUBG Mobile: Gunz Esports crowned the champions of PMPL Arabia Finals, GXR scores a Chicken Dinner on Day 3: PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia comes to an end with Gunz Esport claiming the winner’s share of $10,000 USD. The action-packed finale that went on for three days, was full of iconic moments & breath-taking endgames to delight PUBG Esports fans all around the globe. The stakes were high as there were only 6 matches left to decide which teams are gonna fill up the top 5 spots & qualify EMEA Championship.

Gunz Esports with their robust gameplay on the final day, finished at the top and left all their competitors way behind in the points table. Out of 6 matches on the final day, Gunz bagged 3 chicken dinners and came second in two other matches. In the final day alone, the team secured 128 points & overtook Rico Infinity by miles. Gunz Esport was crowned the champions with 245 points whereas Rico Inifinity & SUDOR Esports came second and third with 172 & 162 points respectively.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia Finals Day 3: Match Summary

Match 1

Maxkash from GXR beats the lobby with his calm & composed gameplay in the final circle of Erangel. Fans of Galaxy Racers were definitely looking forward to such a performance as Maxkash alone carried his team to the chicken dinner. After finding the perfect opening, he clutched a 1v3 situation against Gunz Esport & scored the final kill with just two bullets left in his Scar-L magazine. GXR rose to the top 5 positions on the scoreboard by collecting 23 points from this match. Ambushed by the one-man army Maxkash, Gunz Esports finished second with 20 points followed by Scytes with 17 points.


Match 2 

In another Miramar hill fight in the second match of the day, Gunz was quick to take the high ground advantage & collected all the kills who were barely surviving at the bottom. With 12 kills, Gunz Esport secured 27 points from the match. Alpha Legends came second and third with 16 & 15 points respectively. GXR lost the fight when they got backstabbed by Yalla Powerful who was going for a heal battle but took out 3 players of Galaxy Racers before dying out in the bluezone. However, they managed to secure 11 points from the match by coming 5th in the placements.


Match 3

Ikurd E-Sports claimed the chicken dinner in the third match played in Miramar. With 2 men alive from the team, Ikurd took out the single remaining player of Real Tiger9 & finished first in the match with 26 points. Real Tiger9 and NASR Esports finished second & third with 22 and 15 points respectively. Lord from Gunz Esport played an impressive heal battle & collected 13 points for his team by placing Gunz third in the match. The Sanhok match was disappointing for GXR as they finished 11th with 2 kills only.

Match 4

Gunz Esport continued their domination in the fourth match as well & bagged another chicken dinner with 27 points that came with 12 frags. Scytes showed consistency by coming second in the fourth match played in Erangel. They secured 20 points from the match followed by Alpha Legends with 18 points. Galaxy Racer in this match faced another early elimination and didn’t manage to score any kill.


Match 5

By the fifth match, Gunz Esports had become an unstoppable force at the PMPL Arabia Finals Day 3. Once again, they finished top of the match leader board with 23 points. This team was so much better than the rest whenever it came to positioning themselves perfectly with respect to the circle shifts, that, at the end of the day, made all the differences. Being cornered by Gunz & pushed from the back by the blue zone, Ikurd did their best but the battle was already lost. They came second with 18 points followed by Real Tiger9 who also secured 18 points from the game.


Match 6

It was SUDOR Esports who emerged victorious in the last match of PMPL Arabia Finals played in Sanhok. They collected 23 points from the match to boost themselves in the overall standings. Gunz again lasted in the battle and came second in the match leaderboard with 18 points. Galaxy Racer was the first team to bite the dust in this match as they got caught up in a three-way fight with Yalla and Snipers.

Overall Standings

  1. Gunz Esport – 245 points
  2. Rico Infinity Team – 172 points
  3. SUDOR Esports – 162 points
  4. NASR Esports – 161 points
  5. Fate Esports – 154 points
  6. iKURD Esports – 142 points
  7. Yalla Esports – 141 points
  8. Galaxy Racer – 136 points
  9. SCYTES – 126 points
  10. RAAD Esports – 121 points
  11. Real Tiger9 – 116 points
  12. Falcons Esports – 114 points
  13. Hotline Esports – 110 points
  14. Alpha Legends – 92 points
  15. RTG Esports – 82 points
  16. The Snipers – 65 points

Storming the final day with their dominating gameplay, Gunz Esport left Rico Inifinity far behind who had a 38 point lead over Gunz at the end of Day 2. However, Rico Inifinity along with SUDOR Esports, NASR Esports & Fate Esports, will get another chance to challenge Gunz as all these teams have qualified for the EMEA Championship. Though fought well on the final day, Galaxy Racer weren’t able to qualify for EMEA Championship. They finished 8th in the overall standings with 136 points to their name.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia - Overall Standings
PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia – Overall Standings
PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia - Overall Standings
PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia – Overall Standings

Catch all the action from PMPL Arabia Finals Day 3 from the video below.

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