PUBG Mobile India : Former PUBG official says, ‘Not even the PUBG Directors knows timelines for comeback’

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Former PUBG official says, 'Not even the PUBG Directors knows timelines for comeback'

PUBG Mobile Comeback in India  : When is the PUBG Mobile making a comeback in India ? Everyone has a question, but nobody has an answer to this query. Be it the PUBG Promoters, Indian Directors of PUBG, the game partners or most importantly the Indian government – no one is ready to give clarity on the Mobile’s comeback timelines in India.

When the entire fraternity was speculating and were completely misguided by the false and rumor filled reports on PUBG’s relaunch timelines – InsideSport exclusively informed its readers that the Indian Government has not given any permission to the Promoters or the new entity for any Re-launch. Reluctantly, the Ministry official had confirmed to InsideSport that no permissions were granted to PUBG for relaunch.

“Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”, we were told. Post that PUBG had request for meeting with the government officials since last 4 weeks, but no wish till date has been granted.

InsideSport this time reached out to someone very close to the game’s operations in India in its previous avatar. The aim was to check on the real-status of the game relaunch in India. We were informed that leave aside anyone closely connected to the game, the Promoters & Directors themselves doesn’t know when the game can restart.

 ‘No one knows the real timelines for the Mobile version comeback in India, not even the Promoters or Directors. When government bans something, resumption can only happen via their orders. At this stage everyone is clueless’, told a very senior person involved with the game operations in India since last 2 years. 

Few days back even Microsoft Azure officials also had a same thing to say about the Mobile version Comeback. Microsoft Azure who is reportedly getting into a partnership with PUBG Mobile to host the game on its servers and data centers also confirmed that they don’t have any information about relaunch in India. 

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Former PUBG official says, 'Not even the PUBG Directors knows timelines for comeback'“We don’t have any news to share at this time regarding PUBG Mobile India. Keep an eye on the official website for more information!” This is what they had to say. Ever since the coming soon posts by the corporation, Azure is being spammed on twitter, questioned by eager fans when the game will arrive.

PUBG Fans getting desperate – Asks PUBG Directors on Social Media ‘when will the game resume’

Fans, players and fraternity in India are now getting desperate. Such is the desperation that they are trying to get in touch with any and every possible source to extract information about the Relaunch in India. First as reported above, they reached out to Microsoft Azure and now it is the turn of PUBG India Director Sean Hyunil Sohn.

Sohn is one of the two directors of PUBG Mobile’s new India entry. He is also PUBG’s Corporate Development Director. PUBG Fans in India are continuously reaching out to Sohn on his twitter account to check the real status of the re-launch. But as per the policy of the company, the senior PRO of PUBG hasn’t responded to the tonnes of messages flooding his social account.

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