PUBG Mobile new security update will impact the players using VPN, check how

PUBG Mobile new security update will impact the players using VPN, check how

We are all familiar with why PUBG Mobile was banned in India. In September, in response to rising tensions with China and issues concerning privacy and security, PUBG Mobile, and 119 other apps with Chinese ties, were banned in India. The privacy and security reasons rank high and we have seen PUBG address the Indian governments concern in multiple ways. The recent partnership with Microsoft Azure to mitigate any risks pertaining to the country’s privacy and security issues. Check out the PUBG new security update that will affect the players using VPN to play PUBG Mobile in India

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The most recent update also bought us some changes to further these privacy and security measures. Server selection has been moved to system settings and can be changed only once in 60 day’s. This makes it harder for PUBG players to access any server in the world using VPN and change back to their original.

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The Security patch notes read:

Server Selection

  • Players will be unable to switch servers at will from Season 16 onwards. The Switch Server function will be moved to the System Settings screen.
  • After changing their server, players will need to wait 60 days before they can change it again.

Guest Account Feature Restrictions

  • The PUBG MOBILE official team is committed to creating a fair game environment and will limit guest account features, including: public chat, Team-up Platform, Brothers in Arms, and Cheer Park.
  • Additionally, guest account characters will only be able to reach a maximum tier of Gold V and will not appear on the leader board rankings.

Security Improvements

  • Improved the hardware used for the safety verification system to improve verification efficiency.
  • Adopted strict screening and ban strategies to target unauthorized purchases, boosting, and other malicious propaganda.
  • Stronger capabilities to combat various cheats and network attacks.

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