PUBG Mobile top Indian players Sangwan & Blaezi part ways with SoulEsports, Check why

PUBG Mobile top Indian players Sangwan & Blaezi part ways with SoulEsports, Check why

PUBG Mobile India update: Team SouL is India’s most popular PUBG Mobile team. It is owned by Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur, who is one of the most famous PUBG Mobile players in the world. He has more than 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Team SouL was the winner of PMIS 2019 and PMCO Spring 2019. They had also secured 2nd place in PMCO Fall 2019. SouL Esports is undergoing a lot of changes before the eventual return of PUBG Mobile. Just a few days after Mortal announced his break to become a mentor for the team, two other players from the team will also be departing from the lineup. Earlier yesterday, it was officially announced that Sangwan and Blaezi will leave SouL Esports.

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SouL Esports Offical posted on its Instagram that:

“We bid farewell to Sangwan and Blaezi from SouL Esports PUBG Mobile’s competitive lineup”

A few weeks ago, Blaezi, on his Instagram account, announced that his contract with Team SouL ended, and that he would be parting ways with the team. Blaezi’s popularity amongst the Indian PUBG Mobile audience rose when he debuted with Team Zerodegree in PMCO 2019 Fall Split South Asia Regional Finals. In December 2019, Team Zerodegree was acquired by Marcos Gaming.

His Godx teammate, and 8bit Elite member, Mafia, is the one who referred him to Team SouL.

“I had a great experience while playing and being with you all and learned so much from each of you.Know my heartiest thankfulness for the guidance and support that everyone gave me.

Goodbye and know my best wishes for all of you.

With positive vibes my contract with SouL comes to an end.

Also thank you so much to the soul audience who showered me with their love and support.

Hope you all will continue supporting me.

Thank You.”

Sangwan would also play in a few other teams like Fnatic (at PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019) and VSG.Crawlers before joining SouL Esports for PMPL Spring 2020. With Sangwan, SouL managed to have some decent performances but failed to win any tournament. He also secured 13th place in PMIS 2020 with Element Esports

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