PUBG Mobile Update: PUBG Mobile ban unlikely to be lifted in India anytime soon; Check why

PUBG Mobile Update: PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government on September 2, 2020. The government, while banning the game, cited security concerns as the main reason. Since then, there have been a lot of speculations regarding the unban of the game. A definitive date on the unban is not decided.

Talks between the government and the haven’t started as of now. An RTI clearing doubts in the mind of people was filed by GemWire asking pivotal questions surrounding the ban on PUBG Mobile. Read a timeline of all the RTIs filed to figure out the ban surrounding PUBG Mobile in India.

Reasons why PUBG isn’t getting unbanned

PUBG Mobile was banned under the section 69A of the IT Act last year. As the announcements stand, the government has concerns that the Chinese developer of the game, Tencent, shares all the information/data of the Indian players with China. PUBG Mobile refuted the allegations and said user data is completely secured.

Addressing concerns raised by the Indian government, PUBG at the time of announcing the Indian version of the game dubbed PUBG Mobile India, said that they are building servers within India to host and also store user data in the country itself. PUBG Corporation has, in fact, started the hiring for its PUBG India office, which is going to be led by Aneesh Aravind. Here’s the list of members hired for PUBG India office.

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The government doesn’t seem to be convinced at the kind of argument Krafton has been putting up for its case, and the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. Reports have also been suggesting that “Unless they address the concerns, it will be difficult to grant any relaxation”.

In order to return to India, PUBG Mobile needs to assure the government that they will not breach the security concerns, if and when the ban is lifted. Once that is done, the game has chances of arriving in India.

PUBG has various versions for various countries that players can enjoy. While the global version runs in almost every country, there are specific countries that have a PUBG Mobile for themselves. These other versions are– PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan, Game For Peace is the Chinese version of the game, PUBG Mobile Vietnam and Taiwan version.