PUBG Mobile wishes everyone Happy Holidays, but when will Happy Days return for PUBG fraternity in India?

PUBG Mobile wishes everyone happy holidays, but is there any hope for PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile – When will Happy Days return for PUBG fraternity in India ? It is that time of the year– Christmas and New Year wishes are afloat everywhere. The same way, PUBG Mobile took to Twitter to wish everyone Happy Holidays. To mark the advent of the holiday season, PUBG Mobile also launched its holiday set– Snowwoman and the Furnace Man. As epic as the costumes look, and everyone would want them in their inventory, everything is not as rosy for PUBG Mobile in India, for now.

PUBG Mobile – When will Happy Days return for PUBG fraternity in India ?

Recall, a series of developments have taken place since PUBG Mobile was banned in India on September 2, 2020. From a teaser being released to the parent company, Krafton getting more people on board to handle operations– a lot is happening.

Certain reports had afloat that PUBG Mobile India could make a comeback on Diwali, while the others said it could come back on Christmas (the happy holidays many players in India hoped for). As of when this report is being typed, PUBG Mobile India is neither unbanned nor has there been an intimation about the same given.

While the only sign of hope is the fact that an elaborate team is being made with people who know the best in their field– being led by Aneesh Aravind. While players can only wait for some kind of miracle to take place, one can only hope for PUBG Mobile India’s return in early next year.

Certain reports suggest it could be as early as the first quarter.