PUBG New Maps : PUBG declares ‘Season 10’s new map ‘Haven’ will be the most challenging ever’

PUBG New Maps Season 10 : PUBG has thrown a new challenge at its community by declaring that new map ‘Haven’ might be the most challenging Battlegrounds ever. According to PUBG, players will find it very difficult to overcome challenges on this map.

Why new map Haven will be most challenging according to PUBG ?  PUBG says that beyond competing with fellow survivors you have to dodge scout chopper spotlights, avoid the deadly Pillar Tactical vehicles and sneak past Pillar guards. This entire will make the map HAVEN very challenging. PUBG further says that there will be No easy feat on a 1×1 urban map. Grabbing victory on this map will require survivors to employ stealthy tactics which is why Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all its looks drenched in black.

Unseen Utility

Some survivors like to keep things low key and highly functional, not a bad strategy for Haven. There are plenty of pieces in this pass that focus on comfort and efficiency.


Even when trying to avoid the spotlight, there are those survivors who can’t help but shine. This pass has plenty of fierce looks that range between fashion forward and fashion anarchy.

The Boots

The Pillar guards may be criminal mercs eager to take you out, but let’s be real, their gear is top tier. Help yourself to their high quality uniform pieces to let everyone know you mean business.

Armed With Attitude

If you’re looking for some pops of color, look to this season’s weapons skins which come with distinct, stylish details in loud hues.

According to PUBG, The only way to rock these stealthy styles is to buy Survivor Pass : Breakthrough which will only be available during Season 10.