PUBG ‘SONNY’ SON Heung-Min EVENT: “My character looks better than me.” Says Sonny

PUBG 'SONNY' SON Heung-Min EVENT: "Character looks better than me.

PUBG ‘SONNY’ SON Heung-Min EVENT: “My character looks better than me.” Says Sonny. PUBG announced the brand new collaboration with world-famous soccer player Son Heung-min, they are introducing a special event! A chance to win a level 3 helmet item with Son Heung-min’s autograph! Read on for more details, including the upcoming event. Oh, and we have a special community event planned, so read carefully! Today PUBG: Battlegrounds releases behind the scene of signing an autograph on Level 3 helmet by Sonny where he shared his views on the character, skins, and more.


Sonny said on the behind the scenes video, 

” Hello PUBG Fans, I am Sonny, a professional football player. I am really happy with how they replicated my hairstyle. The character looks better than me, and the developers made it flawless. The user who will participate in my character’s event will get rewards including a level-3 helmet with my autograph.”

PUBG ‘SONNY’ SON Heung-Min EVENT: Missions

Introducing the event mission with Son Heung-min. Clear as many missions as possible during the event period to collect points. You can exchange them for rewards of your choice. Let’s take a look at the missions and rewards.

  • Survive 30 minutes in a game, including spectating your teammates – 20 Points
  • Loot a level 2 helmet in the game – 20 Points
  • Reach Top 20 in a game – 25 Points
  • Reach Top 10 in a game – 35 Points

PUBG ‘SONNY’ SON Heung-Min EVENT: Schedule

The event will last for two weeks on both PC and Console platforms. Don’t miss out on the collaboration with “Sonny” and PUBG! Here is the schedule-

  • PC & Console
    • PDT: July 21, 0 AM – August 3, 0 AM
    • CEST: July 21, 9 AM – August 3, 9 AM
    • KST July 21, 4 PM – August 3, 4 PM

PUBG ‘SONNY’ SON Heung-Min EVENT: Rewards

You can exchange the points you have acquired through clearing the missions for rewards. Son Heung-Min’s autographed helmet is prepared as a reward, so don’t miss out!

  • Son Heung-min – Helmet (Level 3) – 700 Points
  • Contraband coupon x10 – 200 Points
  • Contraband coupon x4 – 100 Points


A lucky draw will be held for players who have acquired Son Heung-min – Helmet (Level 3) during the Special Drops event period! A total of 5 winners (4 from Steam/Console, 1 from Kakao) will be selected and presented with a real Level 3 Helmet signed by Son Heung-min! The results will be announced on August 11th through PUBG.COM

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