PUBG Taego Map: PUBG releases exclusive look of TAEGO map gameplay in new cinematic trailer; Check out

PUBG Taego Map: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds releases exclusive look of TAEGO map gameplay in new cinematic trailer; Check out

PUBG Taego Map: Krafton’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds always feels like it is on the backburner in Battle Royale games’ discussions. But this doesn’t mean that game is dead just yet. Krafton recently introduced a brand new map Taego which is similar to the Erangel map with new additions.

Krafton recently announced the 12.2 update of PUBG where a brand new battleground “TAEGO” got introduced including many more new features. Today PUBG’s brand new battleground TAEGO’s exclusive gameplay got revealed with the release of the Cinematic trailer of the 8*8 map.

PUBG Taego Map recently hits the test servers:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) introduces a brand new map called TAEGO, which is a varied-terrain 8×8 map. This map is made with reference to the Erangel map and it looks similar to the map where few things redefined and new features got added. It is going to feature small towns and compounds alongside open fields and foliage. This isn’t all… Krafton introduces two new weapons that will be exclusive to the map upon launch: The K2 Assault Rifle and the Mk12 DMR.

Check out all the details on the new 8×8 map TAEGO, including weapons, vehicles, features, and the survivor pass in the update 12.2 Patch Report!

PUBG Taego Map: New features coming with the 12.2 Update

For a summary of everything you need to know about the PUBG Taego Map, specifically, here’s the section of the 12.2 Patch Notes that relates to it:

  • The map is available as the Featured Map in-game
  • Playable in both TPP and FPP modes where Solo and Squads modes are available
  • Up to 100 players in the lobby
  • Bots can spawn
  • Clear weather
  • No Red Zone
  • The Map is available in Custom Matches

The Map might be release on 7th July at 01:30 PST / 04:30 EST / 09:30 BST on release day.