PUBG – Tencent Breakup : Indian Esport community hopeful PUBG ban will be revoked

The news of PUBG-Tencent Breakup has brought some cheers to Indian Esport Community, especially the PUBG Gamers are breathing a sigh of relief. All are hoping that after the decision by PUBG corporation to un-authorize the PUBG mobile franchise to Tencent Games in India, there is a good chance that the game loved by millions of Indians can be unbanned in India.

Last week the Indian government released an order to ban 118 Chinese apps in the country including the highly popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. While the gaming community has been upset and pretty vocal about the recent ban, we finally have some good news. PUBG Corporation, the original internal gaming brand under Bluehole has come out with an official statement. After the Tencent partnership break , the South Korean company w Pubg mobile crop will need to look for another sponsor, will they look to Activison or will they look for an Indian sponsor.

Check out how Indian Esport Community is reacting to the development ?  
With high speculations and assumptions all around the community to social media and here’s what they had to say.
Ocean Sharma, a popular commentator/shout caster  said “there’s a high possibility that pubg will look for an Indian sponsor as majority of their traffic is from India” he also went on to say that the ID’s of players might or might not be returned, since Tencent holds the ID’s in their database.
Kuldeep Kumar of Villager esports said “let’s hope for the best that the government unbans the game but we should not speculate”
Sid Joshi of TSM|Entity said lets not start celebrating but there are a lot of thigs that need to happen before the game is back
8Bits Goldy hoped he got his skins and id back and questioned if the teams that have disbanded will get back or not.
Lastly from Global Esports Rahul Hinduja we got a video that said the same as this pic, which says lets be hopeful but not hang on to assumptions.