PUBG update on cards with new weather, snow area and much more: Report

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PUBG Mobile seems to be getting an all new update. The Beta version is live in China. The global launch and plan is not revealed, but as an when it happens the millions of fans will get a number of new, exciting features.

The PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Beta v0.11  with the MK47 weapon, Tukshai vehicle, rain and a separate snow-covered area in Erangel is reported to be on in China. A report by states that PUBL Mobile in all likelihood is in for an all new update.

The PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Beta already operational in China has a new weapon, a new vehicle, new weather in Erangel and Miramar, death cam reply, new animations and snow.

The website, attributing the information to a Reddit post of a Beta vo.11 user, u/AtomR, has reported that the MK47 has been added to the Chinese Lightspeed Beta of the game, along with the Tukshai vehicle. These features though already exist on the PC and Xbox versions.

The MK47 is expected to be available on all maps, but the Tukshai might be kept exclusive to the Sanhok map.

Erangel and Miramar, it is reported, will finally get weather effects, including rain, and snow. Erangel will get a separate area that is covered in snow. The developers are also  expected to add a snow map to the game.  Even as the final name of the map is not revealed yet, it might reportedly be called Dihor Otok.

The following video by a user shows the features in the PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Beta Update.

The release date for the new updates and the exact features for the global update are not yet confirmed.

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